SEU Professors Participated in the "Gift and Common Goods" International Philosophy Meeting in Germany and Delivered Academic Speech

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On March 15-21, 2018, invited by Prof. Walter Schweidler in Universit t Eichst tt, Germany and Dr. Joachim Klose in Konrad Adenauer Fund, Prof. Fan Heping, Prof. Wang Jue and Dr. Jiang Yanyan went to Germany to participate in the Gift and Common Goods International Philosophy Meeting. In the meeting, Prof. Fan Heping and Prof. Wang Jue delivered academic speeches “Common Goods and Social Goodness” and “Organizational Ethics and Realization of Common Good”, respectively, and discussed with well-known scholars from the United States, Germany, France, China and other regions on frontier issues such as how to promote the social common goods


Prof. Fan Heping pointed out that there are widespread problems of unfair distribution in the world today, and public goods can provide ethical compensation for solving fair-efficiency problems and improving unfair distribution. The key is to surpass the efficiency principle of welfare economics and implement the ethical care concept, so that public goods are not only used as public welfare, but also as a display of social goods, reflecting social conscience and social kindness and becoming a gift of society. Prof. Fan Heping further combined the vivid and realistic cases of elderly care and child care, car lanes and sidewalks, garbage cans and urban lighting, discussed the generation logic of public goods as a social gift in detail based on Hegel's Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts and Chinese ethical culture, and proposed that the theoretical value of ethical Chinese culture should be fully exerted. Prof. Wang Jue systematically combed the internal basis and basic rationale of Kant's common goods construction theory, profoundly criticized its limitations, and then provided a theoretical innovation path for the realization of common goods from the perspective of organizational ethics. She believed that Kant organically combined the moral subject itself with social ethics support, which provided an analytical framework for exploring the common goods in the era of globalization. However, there is a value gap between Kant's formal moral command and the concrete practice of social politics. On how to establish direct contact, Kant’s view of enlightenment seems to be difficult to adapt to the changing times and realities. Therefore, organizations should assume the important role of connecting individuals and the world, and promote the realistic unity of moral subjects and ethical entities.


After the meeting, Prof. Fan Heping and Prof. Wang Jue gave a detailed introduction to the academic characteristics and important research results of of the “Ethnics of SEU” to Prof. Walter Schweidler and Dr. Joachim Klose, and discussed in depth the academic cooperation between the two sides. (Jiang Yanyan)

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