Prof. Duan Yufeng from the School of Energy and Environment, Southeast University, Published His Research Achievement in Pertinent International Top Journal

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Recently, the research team led by Prof. Duan Yufeng from the School of Energy and Environment published the paper online titled “A review on mercury in coal combustion process: Content and occurrence forms in coal, transformation, sampling methods, emission and control technologies” in the international review journal: Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (PECS). The first author of this paperis Zhao Shilin, a bachelor-straight-to-doctorate student enrolled in 2014 and Professor Duan Yufeng is the sole correspondent.

PECS, founded in 1974, only accepts arranged contributioninstead of direct contribution. It is the top international publication of its kind in the field of energy and combustion with its impact factor up to 25.242 in 2018. Since its establishment, no more than 50 papers have ever been published in this journal with Chinese scientific research institutions as the correspondent (or first) author. This paper, published by Prof. Duan Yufeng’s team, summarizes the latest development and trends regarding the occurrence, transformation and removal of mercury pollutants from fired coal, the studies on “zero emission” of mercury pollutants from coal-fired power plants, and introduces the latest research achievements made by Southeast University in this field.

In the latest 20 years, Prof. Duan Yufeng’s research team has achieved significant progress in scientific and technological R&D under the support of National 973 Program, the Supporting Program, Key Research and Development Program, Natural Science Fund, Jiangsu Environmental Protection Research Project, Production-Study-Research Joint Innovation Fund and Enterprise Entrusted Scientific Research Projects.

In terms of scientific research, the team has published 225 papers enrolled by SCI/ESI/EI in famous academic journals in the field of energy, environment and chemical industry, been granted over 30 national invention patents and cultivated 100 doctoral and graduate students. In the field of coal-fired mercury research, the team took the lead in studying renewable mercury desorption technology and equipment for the sake of sustainable development of the coal-fired power plants, and pioneered the development of solid directional adsorbent of coal-fired smoke mercury and solid-state directional catalysis reducing agent of oxidized mercury in China. This technology will be applied to China’s first online detection device of coal-fired smoke mercury with independent intellectual property right.

In terms of technical research and development, China’s first resin-based hazardous waste fluidized bed with high-temperature incineration and purification integrated industrial device has been developed and has achieved continuous and stable operation for many years. The emission of organic pollutants such as dioxins has reached the latest EU standards for waste incineration. The material activated carbon coal-fired flue gas jet demercuration technology device completed the industrial test on a 75t/h circulating fluidized bed industrial boiler for the first time. This technology has become a green environment-friendly technology by using biomass instead of coal-based activated carbon, which has laid foundation for cost-effective mercury removal at coal-fired power plants and thus highlighted broad market application prospects. 

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