SEU Enjoyed Great Success in Jiangsu Science and Technology Awards Conference

By 吴婵Viewed 474 2016-03-03

Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Nanjing on February 26th. During the conference, the result of 2015 Jiangsu provincial science and technology awards was released officially. Altogether, there were 183 programs that had won prizes, among which 20 were awarded the first prize, 56 were awarded the second prize and 107 were awarded the third prize. Southeast University made another success in this year’s conference, it took the lead in achieving 4 first prizes—the most in the whole province, achieving 2 second prizes and 1 third prize. Besides, SEU’s co-reported programs won 5 second awards and 7 third prizes.

The 4 first-prize programs include “Industrial Intelligent Ultrasonic Testing Theory and Key Technology”(Type: Application) by Professor Ding Hui from School of Materials & Engineering, “Research & Development of High-accuracy Multifunctional Geotechnical Engineering In-situ Testing Technology and Application of System Engineering”(Type: Application) by Professor Liu Songyu from School of Transportation, “Bridge Safety Monitoring & Warning Key Technology in Complex Environment and Integrated Demonstration”(Type: Application) by Professor Ding Youliang from School of Civil Engineering and “Research & Development of Large Synchronous Generators’ Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis ” (Type: Application) by Professor Deng Aidong from School of Energy and Environment.


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