Performance philharmonic society: Vienna Voice of Spring Symphony Orchestra

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        Time: 2 p.m, December 29, 2018

        Address: Jiaotingbiao Stadium, Jiulonghu Campus, Southeast University

The Vienna Voice of Spring Symphony Orchestra is composed of the Austrian Vienna Classical Music and Culture Promotion Society and many of the world’s best performers from world-renowned orchestras such as the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Strauss Waltz Symphony Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra, etc...

The master of Vienna Voice of Spring Symphony Orchestra was chaired by Ms. Pierre Lusava Sabina, artistic supervisor of Vienna “Passion Artists” Association and Vienna “Passion Drama Festival”. The current conductor is led by the famous Austrian conductor Sedir Albert.

They come from Austria, the world-famous country of music, where hundreds of music elites gather. Their deep musical skills have not refrained them from performing perfect classical music, but enabled them to focus on modern music highlighting soft passion and innovation. “The same work but different interpretations” has always been deemed as one of the major purposes of the orchestra.

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