The Third Place in China and the First Place in Jiangsu: SEU Made Another Splendid Achievement in “Challenge Cup”

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In  November, the final of the 15th session of “Challenge Cup” competition of national college students extracurricular academic science and technology works came to a successful end in Shanghai University. The Southeast University ranked the third in China and the first in Jiangsu Province with a gross score of 420. And Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai University, the host, ranked the first and second respectively nationwide. This was the third time that the university has ranked among the top 3 nationwide after it achieved the highest gross scores and won the “Challenge Cup” in 2001 and 2007 respectively and the first time that the university has broken through 400 scores in the national competition historically.

In the competition session of the “Challenge Cup”, Southeast University had six pieces of work selected for the final which won 2 special awards, 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes. Special awards went to Rapid Development and Verification Platform Facing Large-Scale MIMO Wireless Transmission of 5G(instructor: Prof. Jin Shi of School of Information Science and Engineering),Research on Muti-Polar Axial Element Ferroelectron Facing the Application of Poly-crystal and Thin Film(instructor: Prof. Xiong Rengen and Prof. You Yumeng of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering); the first prizes went to The Feedback System of Arm Forces Sensing Facing the Visual Training in the Space Station(instructor: Prof. Song Aiguo of School of Instrument and Meter Engineering) and Hydrogen Storage Technology and Equipment of Oxygen Vacancy of Eliminating Redundant Electrical Energy(instructor: Prof. Xiao Rui of School of Energy and Environment); the second-class prizes went to Detecting System of Illegal UAV(instructor: Prof. Huang Yongming and Prof. Wang Haiming of School of Information Science and Engineering), Constructing China’s Collaborative Governance “Trinity” Model of Curb Parking-A Research Based on 6 Regions Like Nanjing and Shenzhen(instructor: Prof. Gu Dasong of School of Law). In addition, Southeast University took part in the English oral defence in the special competition of “One Belt and One Road” in the “Challenge Cup” with its project of High Functionality Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Compound Chelator of Crude Oil and Metal(instructor: Prof. Zhou Yuming and Prof. Huang Jingyi of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) which was highly spoken of in the exchanges and exhibition and finally won the first prize.

Projects of Southeast University for competition received widespread attention in the final of the “Challenge Cup” and its many projects have been interviewed. Si Yong, the deputy secretary of Jiangsu Province Party Committee came to Southeast University to visit the project of Hydrogen Storage Technology and Equipment of Oxygen Vacancy of Eliminating Redundant Electrical Energy. He affirmed a series of results achieved by the project and hoped members of the team to show their strength in the competition. Zheng Jiamao, the deputy secretary of SEU Party Committee, Li Huabiao, executive president of Shanghai alumni association, and representatives of alumni, deputy secretaries of Party Committee of related departments and instructors also visited different projects and instructed and encouraged students.

The “Challenge Cup” competition of national college students extracurricular academic science and technology works holds principles of “Advocating Science, Pursuing Truth, Studying Hard, Innovating and Standing up to Challenges”. It is held every two years and is a comprehensive student science and technology innovation competition with the largest scale, the highest level, the widest scope of influence and the fiercest competition which was praised as the “Olympic Game”of scientific and technological innovation of contemporary Chinese college students. In order to prepare for the competition of “Challenge Cup”, the Youth League Committee in Southeast University started the selection and training of school-level projects in the second half of 2015 and the 7 pieces of works entering the 15th session of the national competition of“Challenge Cup” and the special competition of “One Belt, One Road” were those standing out from the 87 pieces of work from all colleges in the university. During the two years of preparation, the youth league committee adopted measures of establishing teams, equipping with tutors, applying for projects and providing fund supports to set up a communication platform among teams of students, professional teachers and functional departments and solidly and effectively promote the plan of “letting excellent undergraduates enter labs”, innovative winter camps for entrepreneurship and summer camps, the report-back meeting of displaying multi-stage reports and simulative defence meetings.

During the preparation period, leaders from the university paid close attention to extracurricular academic scientific and technological innovation of college students carried out by the youth league committee and to progress of competition preparation of key support projects of the “Challenge Cup”. Professor Yi Hong, secretary of the party committee in Southeast University and academician Zhang Guangjun, the principle of Southeast University, personally visited and directed key teams preparing for the competition of the “Challenge Cup” and comforted teachers and students participating in the competition. Relevant colleges, dean’s office and relevant departments such as theAlumni Association also gave great supports to the competition preparations of the “Challenge Cup” and relevant work of organizing the competition.

The Southeast University ranked among the top 3 in this national competition of the “Challenge Cup”, manifesting not only the quality and achievements of the cultivating talents, especially those top innovative talents of its second class, but made the communist youth league in the Southeast University more confident and determined to deepen reforms and further lift actual effects of education work of science and innovation. The youth league committee shall seize the opportunity of winning the “Challenge Cup”, insist on the foundation of education and take practices as its directions to further strengthen the construction of working systems of extracurricular academic scientific and technological innovation of university students and continue to promote the innovation of mode of cultivating innovative talents. Guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideologies with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the university shall cultivate more excellent innovative talents and untiringly struggle to realize the dream of Southeast University of building itself into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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