The Full-length Epic Drama "Yu Hua Tai" Staged at SEU

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On November 7 to 8, sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Ministry of Education, undertaken by Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, the CPC Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, the original full-length epic drama Yu Hua Tai staged at Jiao Ting Biao pavilion in Jiu Long Hu campus of Southeast University. Nearly 4,000 students and teachers both inside and outside the school enjoyed the show.

Zhou Youyong, vice president of Southeast University, pointed out in his speech that the show Yu Hua Tai is an ideal faith lesson of socialist core valuesfor students and faculty in our university. Teachers and students should be firm in their belief that faith is the most important thing”, and consciously become a firm believer and faithful practitioner of the common ideal of communism and socialism with Chinese characteristics. He emphasized that Southeast University has rich cultural resources and revolutionary traditions. There are a number of distinguished people in the history of Southeast University. We must continue to inherit and carry forward the Red Gene and shoulder the responsibility of the era.

The drama Yu Hua Tai with Yuhua heroes as the theme won the prize for the Five-One Project of the national spiritual civilization construction. The show was produced by the Nanjing Repertory Theater, directed by famous director Hu Zongqi and professorGao Cheng of the Shanghai Theater Academy served as screenwriter. They reproduce the spirit that Yuhua heroes devoted their life to faith and ideal through the stirring stories and exciting episodes. Since its debut in September 2015, Yu Hua Tai has performed for nearly 100 times among students, party members and the public, and audiences are over 100,000. The showwon unanimous praise and quickly made red heroes prevalent at Southeast University.

In the afternoon of the 7th, the report entitled Loyalty and Betrayal by Yuan Hua, curator of the Memorial Hall of Yuhuatai Martyrs, lectured in the Lecture Hall of Ideal and Faith of Southeast lecture room. Wu Wei, chief of Nanjing Municipal Publicity Department, Zhang Sihai, Director of Publicity Department of Nanjing Municipal Organization Department, Zhang Jianfeng, vice Director of Municipal Organization Department of Party Committee, Yang Yongqing, Deputy Director General of Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery Authority, Du Wenshuang, Director Assistant of Nanjing Daily Website, directors of relevant departments attended the event. She shared the heroic deeds of the Yuhuatai martyrs with the teachers and students presented at the meeting. She emphasized the spiritual character of Yuhua heroes. The faith was presented by story, but impressed the entire Chinese people, especially young contemporary students. This spirit is worthy of inheritance and development in the course of ourefforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  

In the morning of the 8th, workers of Yu Hua Tai held a symposium “talk about Yu Hua Tai with the teachers and students of our university. Cui Zhong, the role-player of Yun Daiying, Lv Zecheng, the role-player of Xu Baoye and Chen Shuaihua, interpreter of Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial, Cang Shujun, director of studio of Nanjing Daily Development Co., Ltd., attended the seminar, communicated with more than thirty teachers and students in our university face to face. In the meeting, representatives of teachers and students expressed how they had been impressed by the strong beliefs and noble sentiments of the Yuhua Martyrs by sharing their own experiences of social drama and opera, as well as their experiences of theatrical performances and hometown history.  

In addition, a series of activities such as figurant recruitment of Yu Hua Tai, essay solicit activities ofStrength of Faith - Yuhua Heroes and Their Storiesand Dialogue through Time and Spacewere successively held. The lofty ideals and beliefs of Yuhua heroes and their sacrifice impressedteachers and students. They said that through this event, not only did them have a deeper understanding for this history with a spiritual baptism, but also aroused their determination and morale of achieving a strong Chinese dream and building a double first-rate university. 

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