SEU Comprehensive Service Center Started Operation

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Recently, Southeast University Comprehensive Service Center located on the ground floor of teaching building 1 was put into operation. The service center focuses on providing convenience for teachers and students, and resolving their difficulties. Under the principle of being professional and efficient, it combines service with teaching, cooperation with supervision, online with offline, and improving service quality with completing working system. It is an one-atop platform for education, management and service.


On October 12, President Zhang Guangjun visited the Comprehensive Service Center and inspected its operation. He visited and communicated with staff of different departments. President Zhang approved the center’s operation and service. He also talked with teachers and students present, and asked for their advice. At last, President Zhang emphasized that the Comprehensive Service Center should be oriented to teachers and students, optimize service procedure and working system, and improve both service content and service quality during the operation process. Related officials of President Office accompanied.


At present the Comprehensive Service Center includes Campus Card center, Social Science Administration Department, Network and Information Center, Students Subsidization Center,  Career Guidance Center, Science and Research Institute, Office of General Services, Graduate School, Security Department, Personnel Department, Academic Affairs Office, International Cooperation Department, etc.. All of the departments will provide comprehensive service. In the future, the operation will be optimized according to the needs of teachers and students. 

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