Nine Disciplines of SEU Gained Access to ESI Discipline Ranking

Publisher:吴婵Release time:2016-06-02Number of Views:567

According to the May 2016 release of the ESI discipline ranking, pharmacology and toxicology of SEU ranked top 1% in the world for the first time. Up to nowthe discipline number of SEU entering ESI ranking has increased to nine, namely engineering, computer science, materials science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, clinical medicine, biology and biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology.

In the ESI ranking of May, many disciplines of SEU have gained steadily rising, with three subjects in the global top 100. Among them, the engineering rose up to No. 44, computer science rose to No. 72, and mathematics rose to No. 98.

In recent years, in the construction process of the first class university and first class discipline, SEU optimized the layout of disciplines, strengthened dynamic adjustment, and made use of the central financial capital to give key support to some of the preponderant disciplines. SEU strived for breakthroughs in important areas, and continually improved the international influence and visibility.

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