Doctoral Student in SEU Became First Prize Winner in IEEE IAS Student Tehsis Contest

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Recently, the Industry Application Society (IAS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) released the evaluation result of Student Thesis Contest 2016. Hang Jun, a doctoral student in School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University won the first prize in PhD category with his doctoral dissertation “FAULT DIAGNOSIS TECHNOLOGY OF DIRECT-DRIVEN WIND TURBINE WITH PERMANENT MAGNET MACHINE” , thus becoming the first first prize winner form China in PhD category of the contest.


IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. The IAS Student Thesis Contest, which began in 2011, was born out of the desire to outline the most proming research efforts in echnological field.There will be only one first prize winner, second prize winner and third prize winner worldwide.


Hang Jun is a doctoral student under the guidance of Professor Cheng Ming and Professor Zhang Jianzhong. A new method for fault diagnosis of blade imbalance and winding asymmetry of the direct-driven wind turbine with a permanent magnet synchronous generator (D-PMSG) is proposed in his dissertation, where no additional sensors and data acquisition equipment are needed. In his research, the influences to stator currents of PMSG as the two faults occurred in the D-PMSG were analyzed. Park transformation was used to process the three-phase stator currents, and then fast Fourier transform was applied to analyze the square of Park vector modulus (SPV) of the stator currents. The fault diagnosis of D-PMSG is carried out by observing the amplitude variations of the characteristic frequencies in the SPV. The simulation model and experimental verification platform of D-PMSG were built. The simulation and preliminary experimental results validate that the proposed approach applied to fault diagnosis of wind turbine is feasible.



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