Super Dormitory in SEU: Six Girls All Got Preapproved

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Recently, a bunch of media press have reported on the “super dormitory” in Southeast University. The six beautiful girls in the dorm are good at modelling, hosting, playing piano, dancing, and have all got preapproved. Among them, two are preappoved to Tongji University, two are preapproved to Southeast University, one is preappoved to Tsinghua University, and one has received offer from Columbia University.

Six Girls are All Transferred to School of Architecture

Although all got preapproved to different universities, he six super girls are still busy for their studies: two have already started their postgraduate studies, the others are busy for their internship or graduation design.

 “All the girls in my dorm are special, they are all good at things: some are good at social works, some are good at musical instruments.” In Shu Yun, one of the super girls memory, all her roommates are busying chasing their dreams.

An interesting thing is that all the girls are transferred to School of Architecture. Shu Yun came from School of Public Health, Lv Zhengyin was from College of Software Engineering, Hou Shuyu and Jiang Wei were form School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Wang Boli transferred from School of Material Science and Engineering, and Xie Xiangyi came from School of Transportation.

After the college entrance exam, Shu Yun was admitted to School of Public Health, however, she found she wasn’t interested in public health at all. She began to learn calligraphy and painting since 7 yaers’ old and was looking forward to learn architecture for years. After a full prepared Department Transfer Examinaton, she and the othwer girls successfully transferred to School of Architecture.

Alliance Between Super Girls: SawingWood



After pushing the “restart” button in university, six girls started their freshman year in School of Architecture. They got up at six o’colock in the morning and wouldn’t rest unitil midnight. With different but clear life goals, they still sometimes cooperate to accomplish designs together. During sophomore year, four of them designed a wooden model together. They sawed wood and assembled each piece with the help of each other. “It was a tough work for girls, yet we accomplished successfully with cooperation. We encouraged each other while confronted with difficulties, and go out to relax when we feel tired.” Said Lv Zhengyin. 

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