New Edition of Degree Certificate Released on Postgraduate Commencement

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On March 26th, SEU held the Postgraduate Commencement for postgraduates in Si Pailou Campus, 377 doctors and 1243 masters were conferred degrees. Different from previous years, this year’s graduates all obtained the new edition of certificate designed independently by the university, which contained a stamp (with the pattern of six-dynasty-Juniperus ), a sketch of the auditorium and lines of university motto (as the anti-fake watermark). Beautiful in look, this distinctive certificate is full of SEU elements. The graduates couldn’t wait to take photos with it.  


 1. The new edition contained SEU elements such as the six-dynasty-Junipersus and the auditorium.

     Last year, Office of Chinese Academic Degrees of the State Council decided that colleges and universities should design their own certificates and not use the national emblem as the pattern.

     SEU’s new edition has changed from the A4 horizontal version to vertical lines. It is composed of two parts, the cover and the diploma. The inside page of the cover is carved with the representation of SEU—the six-dynasty-Junipersus, behind which arranges the university’s motto—strive for perfection. On the top of the certificate prints the school badge, Chinese and English versions of the university name; in the middle sets the photo, personal information,degree information of the graduate and the signature of the president; in the bottom accompanied the certificate number and issue date.

     The certificates for bachelor, master and doctors are separately painted blue, bluish violet and red. The designing process has lasted 3 months from December, 2015 to March, 2016. One of the designers, Prof. Chen Jingyu said that, “it embodies SEU elements and can be called a success.”

      2. An entrepreneur became the first “application” doctor

      He was admitted to Southeast University in 1988 and graduated as a master in 1995. In March 26th, Lu Ping, the vice-president of ZTE came back to SEU to participate in the graduation ceremony. He is the first person who gained the professional master’s degree for engineering doctor not only in SEU’s history but also among the first batch in the nation. Lu Ping commented that, he chose to return to university to learn advanced technologies in order to solve technical problems in the company.

     As one of the first batch universities who set doctor stations for professional degrees, SEU started to enroll engineering doctors from 2012 with two orientations, “electricity & information” and “engineering manufacture”. Students have to undergo extreme strict assessments to be admitted. On school days, students have to finish three tasks, following the sequence of course study, research & development practice and dissertations. Finally, they will be eligible to get the doctor’s degree.

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