Sculpture Crowdfunding in SEU, Alumni Responded Actively

Publisher:吴婵Release time:2016-03-16Number of Views:451

On March 10th, ten sports sculptures appeared in Southeast University, Jiulonghu Campus. These sculptures came from a crowdfunding project launched by SEU’s Educational Foundation during the end of last year. Within 5 minutes, they (5 are related to ball games, the rest are cycling ones) were subscripted successively with the sum of 7,8000 yuan.

The 10 sculptures are set near the east gate of SEU, Jiulonghu Campus in order to advocate SEUers to work out actively, enjoy doing sports and activate campus culture. On December 29th last year, after the initiation of the crowfunding, alumni made immediate responses. As quick as five minutes, 86-alumni of School of Automation financed 39,000 yuan and claimed a series of (5) ball game statues, SEU’s Guangdong Alumni Association contributed 39,000 yuan and subscripted a series of (5) cycling statues.

After the crowdfunding, SEU’s General Affairs Section made active cooperation and finished the site selection, design and manufacturing process during the winter vacation. The sculptures were set up on March 10th ,2016 and has become a special scenery on the campus. 

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