Nobel Prize Winner Samuel Chao Chung Ting Visited Southeast University

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  On March 3rd, Honorary Professor of SEU, the well-known physicist and Nobel Prize Winner Samuel Chao Chung Ting visited Southeast University. He shared with the faculties and students the latest development of AMS program and discussed the future cooperation with SEU. 

  President of SEU, academician Zhang Guangjun had a face-to-face communication with Ting in the morning. The two deliberated over details of further cooperation. During the meeting, Ting expressed gratitude to SEU for the great contributions it had done to AMS. At the same time, President Zhang warmly welcomed Ting’s visit and hoped that Ting would introduce brilliant international talents to SEU.

In the afternoon, Ting made a speech entitled “Latest Development of AMS” in front of over 1,500 teachers and students in Jiaotingbiao Theater, Jiulonghu Campus. Ting talked about the Annual International Conference on Physics 2015 held in the Netherlands, during which 9 most important universal physic discoveries in the past two years were mentioned in the last report. Six of them came from the results of AMS program co-produced with SEU. At the end of the speech, Ting thanked SEU again for the efforts it had made in the program.

At last, Ting shared with the students his own thinking about scientific research. He said that, “From my perspective, I treat physic researches as the most important thing in my life and anything should give way to physics, that’s because nobody could do everything well. I always know that my abilities are limited, so I have to concentrate on scientific researches.”

After the speech, Ting and his wife also had a visit to SEU’s AMS Data Processing Center, checking the relevant working progress. As an Honorary Professor in SEU, Ting cares a lot about the development of the university. With his efforts, SEU continuously appeared in the frontier of the most advanced technology in the world, giving an impetus to the scientific research capability. Besides, Ting shows his affection and expectation towards students in SEU. Each time when he visited SEU, he would give a speech for them and light up their passion for scientific research. 

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