Professor Dong Shuai Invited to Publish Critical Article in Advances in Physics

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        Recently, Professor Dong Shuai from Department of Physics, SEU, was invited to publish a long critical article in a top review journalAdvances in Physics(impact factor: 20.833 in 2014). It is the first time that faculty of physics department has been invited to write for the journal.

His article Multiferroic materials and magnetoelectric physics: symmetry, entanglement, excitation, and topologyfirstlygives a brief historical retrospect of multiferroic researches, then describes ferroelectric, physic connotation and relevant physical effects in magnetic materials from the perspective of entanglement, excitation, symmetry and topology. It summarizes the current classification of multiferroics and individually explains the physical mechanism, also, it introduces the practical application of magnetoelectric coupling in membrane and heterostructure. Lively, it demonstrates the developing process from basic science theory to the research of practical devices. Finally, the article discusses related frontier issues about magnetoelectric topology.

Professor Dong has been doing researches about multiferroics for a long time, he has published his important research achievements in top physics and material academic journals especially in recent years, for example, Phys. Rev. Lett., Nature Commun., Adv. Mater., Nano Lett and so on. He is widely accepted by International counterparts and was invited to do subject reports in international conferences such as AIP(American Institute of Physics) and EMRS(European Materials Research Society). The website of Professor Dong research group is

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