SEU Young Scholar Won “Green Talents” Award

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According to media reports, The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research(BMBF) presented the trophies to 2015 “Green Talents” in October 30th. Zhang Shujuan, the 31 year-old Chinese young schoalr, who is a member of SEU’s School of Civil Engineering postdoctoral mobile station was awarded the prize.

The Expert Committee on the evaluation of “Green Talents” award were impressed by Zhang’s research project and agreed on the popularization of her research on the topic of reducing pollution caused by drainage water in paddy field in China, even in the world. After winning the award, Zhang expressed that the prize meant great encouragement to her and she was looking forward to having cooperative researches with German counterparts, hoping to devote herself to resolving environmental issues.

Zhang received her Ph.D degree in Harbin Institute of Technology, majoring in environmental science and engineering. Her research theme was bioremediation of contaminated and damaged ecosystems. In April 2015, Zhang entered SEU’s postdoctoral mobile station and went in for the study of the application of arbuscular mycorrhiza in preventive treatment of non-point source pollution in farmland, along with the research of the application of arbuscular mysorrhiza in carbon fixation of urban green space, which then became the important content for Zhang to apply for the award.

It is reported that the “Green Talents” award was initiated by BMBF in 2009, which aims at encouraging those outstanding young scientists who play active roles in areas of sustainable development. 27 people from 20 countries are awarded the price this year. By now, altogether 20 Chinese young scholars have obtained “Green Talents” award. As a reward, achievers of the award will have an opportunity to pay a visit to German for two weeks this year and are able to work 3 months as research associates in scientific research institution or enterprises in Germany in the coming year. The expenses will be fully financed by German government. 

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