Gong Linna, Renowned Singer, Held Concert in Southeast University

Publisher:吴婵Release time:2015-10-30Number of Views:761

Recently, the renowned female singer Gong Linna held a classic poetry concert with the theme of “Climb One Storey Higher” to more than 1000 Southeast University students in Jiulonghu Campus.  

In the concert, Gong shared her research findings and feelings towards classic vocal music. She not only told her singing experience since she was a five years old little girl, but also narrated her persistent pursuit for music. She encouraged the students to do breath exercise with her by phonating.  

Talking about Chinese folk songs, Gong introduced her research about different styles in different areas one by one, including that of Zhejiang Province, Hebei Province, Guangdong Province, etc. Furthermore, she introduced the creation story of her signature song, “Anxious”. In more than one hour’s concert,  the students were listening so excitedly, as they were given a chance to open a door to classic music, and to experience folk music and classic poetry.   

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