SEU Achieved Great Success in National Metal Material Competition For College Students

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Recently, the Fourth National Metal Material Competition For College Students was held in Kunming. It is a skill competition facing all undergraduates in colleges, aiming at improving the practical abilities of students who major in material or relevant subjects in dealing with metal material. The competition tries to raise people’s attention in teaching practice among undergraduates and promote reforms and innovations in material science.

SEU is one of the major originators of the competition. The recent competition started at the end of last year, about 10,000 students from 102 colleges took part in the trials in each university separately. Finally, 300 students entered the national final competition which was held in Kunming. According to selection and appraisement, there were three competitors and one substitute playing in the final as a representative of SEU.

The situation is gratifying. Wang Zhijiang from School of Material Science& Engineering achieved first grade, Zheng Xin from School of Mechanical Engineering and Xu Guangyuan from Material Science& Engineering ranked second. SEU won “Excellent Group Award” since it ranked 7 in terms of its total score among the 102 colleges.

It is said that Tsinghua University will run the Fifth National Metal Material Competition For College Students in 2016.

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