2013 New Year’s Tea Party Held at Our School

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On December 31, the new year's tea party was held on the third floor of the Qunxian Building.

The tea party was presided over by Party Secretary Guo Guangyin. Ms. Guo said during her speech that 2013 would be a critical year in terms of the implementation of

our school "Twelve-Five" reform and development plan. All the teaching and administrative staff should firmly grasp the opportunity and have an accurate analysis of the development trend of higher education, fully accelerating the pace of construction of high-level universities. She asked all the faculty to stick to “teaching, managing and serving in order to educate people” and “full education, whole-process education, all-round education”.

On the tea party, all the participants present watched together the 2012 SEU News Highlights. Subsequently, President Yi Hong delivered a speech in which he said: “2012 was the 110th anniversary of our school, a very crucial year in the history of Southeast University. For this grand anniversary, we held a series of lively celebrations which inspired the whole school staff as well as the Alumni. Through the celebrations, the school's reputation and influence got expanded.”

Next, Miss Jinjing from the School of Foreign Languages addressed. She shared  her gains in the past year as well as the deeply moving relationship between her and her students by telling three real and vivid short stories. She said that teachers should not only teach students knowledge and skills but should let students learn to understand and trust others. She believed that SEU would have a bright future if all the teachers worked together towards the direction of “Strive for Perfection” as was put on the school motto.

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