110th Anniversary of the Birth of Gu Yuxiu--Former Old President of Our School Held and the Most Recent Historical Data on him Disclosed for the First

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On December 24, to commemorate Mr. Gu Yuxiu who was the master of Arts and Sciences and who had served as Dean of Institute of technology at National Central University and as President of National Central University, the opening ceremony for “Commemorating Master Gu Yuxiu Photo Exhibition”was held at the Li Wenzheng Library of Jiulonghu campus. 

Zuo Wei--Deputy Secretary of the Party Standing Committee, Gu Weiqing--Gu Yuxiu's son, Gu Yifan--Gu Yuxiu’s grandson as well as leaders from Jiangsu Provincial Party United Front Work Department jointly cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. Many news media such as Jiangsu Satellite TV, Nanjing TV Channel, China News Service, Nanjing Daily, Modern Express, Nanjing Morning Post, Jinling Evening News, etc. did on-site interview.

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