French Knight Medal Winner Mark?Mimulamu Gave an Academic Report at SEU

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     On October 12, under the invitation of Traffic Planning and Design Institute of our school, French Knight Medal winner Mark?Mimulamu gave an academic report entitled "Fusion" at SEU and then explored the possibilities of cooperation in bridge creation with our school.
    Mr. Mimulamu in his report surrounded the communication and integration between bridge structure and the environment, combined with the practical engineering problems encountered, took into consideration China's national conditions and the level of technology, and then came up with a new design concept. Besides, he also shared his ideas and research experiences, encouraging the bridge workers to carry their dreams, seize the opportunity, be creative and remain committed. After the report, Mr. Mimulamu allocated some time to exchange views on issues such as the ratio of the structural design, stability, vibration, and the coordination of architectural designs with the teachers and students present.          
    Mark?Mimulamu is a famous architect and structural engineer in Europe and won the French Knight Medal in 2005. He has won several international, European and French awards in architectural design and engineering design; he once taught at the internationally renowned university Princeton University in the United States and then the University of California, Berkeley; he has held many works exhibitions; he was regularly invited to give lectures in other countries (including twice to China). In the past two years, he has participated in many Sino-French exchange activities on architectural culture.
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