Zhou Youyong-dean of School of Law of SEU elected as vice chairman of Jiangsu Hong Kong Investment Company Service Association

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    In the afternoon of August 16, the first Member Representative Assembly of Jiangsu Hong Kong Investment Company Service Association was held in Nanjing Jinling Hotel. Mr. Luo Zhijun-secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Mr. Li Xueyong-governor of Jiangsu Province met and dined part of honorary chairpersons, chairpersons and vice chairpersons. Vice governor of Jiangsu Province, Mr. Zhang Weiguo attended the assembly and addressed at it.
    Zhou Youyong-dean of School of Law of SEU was elected as vice chairman of the association at the meeting while professor Shi Jianhui and associate professor Gao Ge were elected as executive directors. SEU(School of Law) as the only initiator union of the scientific research institutes of higher education, will provide service in consultation of government policies, policies and regulations seminars and training, and legal rights safeguarding for the member unions of the association.
    It is reported that the association was founded with the approval of the provincial government and was formed voluntarily by the Hong Kong compatriots who invest and establish businesses in Jiangsu, their enterprises and the organizations that provide service for Hong Kong investors. As a non-profit judicial person, the association intends to implement the national and Jiangsu provincial opening policy, serve Hong Kong investors, reflect to the government the views and demands of association members and investors, enhance the contact and cooperation between association members and the government, and among association members, and promote the further development of economic and trade exchanges between Jiangsu and Hong Kong. So far, there have been more than 1000 registered members in the association. (School of Law)
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